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Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Amateurtje, Jan 25, 2018.

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    I am trying to make an activity with on a horizontal line 1 label and 3 text boxes. the label just contains a number. Of the 3 text boxes, two must be filled in. When a enter is given, the third will be filled in and three new textboxes will appear.

    In the end, there will be a long list, maximum 150, of text boxes with data.

    This will be send out by BT and saved to a file.

    Regarding the tet boxes. How can I best do that? I was lokking to 4 arrays but this is fixed.On the other hand, I can make arrays of 150 textboxes and than with the enter, let the next line appear (just visible = true). I would like to have a couple of functions:
    delete a new line
    insert a new line
    sort the textboxes (content) to a certain column

    Due to the number in the array, it is easy to find a certain textbox to delete the content or something. On the other hand, I can work with a list but I cna not really find how to trace a certain textbox (see if it is filled in). Except, stepping every time through all boxes and putting an identifier (number) in the tag. Maybe there is a better way?

    Or, is there an existing table item I can use for this? I could not find a table view or something...

    Can you help me to get me going and to take a logical first step? I am only playing around with this for 2 weeks so it is a bit new for me...
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