1. Alexander Stolte

    Android Example [B4X] AS TextFieldAdvanced - Underline Style

    https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-xui-as-textfieldadvanced-title-information-counter-password-button-prefix-suffix-icons-multiline.141337/ With V1.33+ you can show a underline, what brings new style possibilities. Set the Underline property in the designer to True. For the...
  2. Alexander Stolte

    Android Example [B4X] AS TextFieldAdvanced Text Validation/Required Fields Example

    This is a exmaple project to show the required field feature in the AS TextFieldAdvanced https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-xui-as-textfieldadvanced-title-information-counter-password-button-prefix-suffix-icons-multiline.141337/
  3. H

    B4J Question TextField Prompt Text

    When I click on the textfield, the textfield PromptText is hidden. I want the textfield PromptText to be displayed even when it is focused and only hide when something is written.Of course, the cursor should be displayed at the same time.
  4. Alexander Stolte

    B4A Library [B4X] [XUI] AS TextFieldAdvanced - Title, Information, Counter, Password, Button, Prefix, Suffix, Icons, Multiline

    With this view you can quickly and easily add good looking text fields, with title and or bottom text. Additionally you can make the TextField a button, so that you can open menus, but still keep the design of the text fields. The view speeds up development because you don't have to worry about...
  5. A

    iOS Question Past a string with letters and numbers into Number type TextField

    Hi all - today one of my clients sent me a screenshot with an error message. I tried to reproduce it and found one unexpected result. Let's say I have a layout with 2 textfields - in my code they are B4XView. 1 - txtProvider 2 - txtProviderName txtProvider has Keyboard Type - Number_Pad...
  6. DarkoT

    B4J Question TextField Baloon - helper

    Hi to all, I can not find any example if is posible to create a baloon message (helper) for textfield in B4J project... Any idea how to create baloon which will help users to understand what is expected input? Like on this example: Thank you for info... BR, DaT
  7. Star-Dust

    iOS Question [SOLVED] How to get a inputView on TextField

    I need to turn this code into b4i. can anyone help me? UIView* dummyView = [[UIView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0, 0, 100, 100)]; myTextField.inputView = dummyView;
  8. Markus Winter

    B4J Question Why can't you simply set the text alignment of a textField in the designer?

    Working my way through "Getting started" ā€¦ Why can't you simply set the text alignment of a textField in the designer? After all, you can do it for labels. It feels VERY strange and cumbersome to have to do it in code. Is there a way to make feature requests?
  9. C

    B4J Question [BANanoVuetifyAD3] Why do Select and Textfields get a white field with a grey boarders ?

    Hi, I try to add select and textfields in Visual/Abstract Designer and I get a white field which is not present in the Kitchen Sink demo, see picture: I can not see anything that differs in the generated html code between mine and the Kitchen Sink Demo. I do not want the white field with the...
  10. red30

    iOS Question TextField keyboard first capital letter

    I have KeyboardType TYPE_DEFAULT set. But when calling the keyboard, you need to manually press the corresponding button to start with a capital letter. Is it possible to set the KeyboardType so that the first letter of the called keyboard is capitalized?
  11. DarkoT

    B4J Question TextField - handle TAB as Enter

    Hi guys, need little help... How can I handle Tab same as Enter; I need to get txtfield_Action when user move WITH TAB from one field to another... With Enter works perfect, I can not figure out how to catch Tab... I'm using B4J Pages for desktop app... Need example... Help, please... Tnx, DaT
  12. M

    iOS Code Snippet Input Dialog (modal) - slightly modified from the Erel one

    The original code: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/inputdialog-function.52811/post-331242 I modified the code to be able to add two buttons, and receive the "Success" parameter to distinguish when the user tap on the positive button or cancel button. Sub Button1_Click Dim no As...
  13. M

    iOS Question Native msgbox input field UI

    Hi everyone, I need to implement a native msgbox to ask for an input with a textfield like this How can I create this? Thanks in advance and merry Christmas šŸŽ!
  14. A

    iOS Question Strange behavior of keyboard in textfield with password mode

    Hi all. I have a very strange behavior of a soft keyboard in textfield with password mode checked. I have a project where I have a login page with2 textfields username / password. Username is textfield with Email keyboard mode, password with default keyboard mode and password mode checked...
  15. M

    iOS Question Textfield in a msgbox

    hi everyone, how can i put a textfield in a msgbox like in this example? thank you in advance :D
  16. cklester

    B4J Question [RESOLVED] How to Set Tooltip for a TextField

    How do you set the tooltip for a text field? There doesn't seem to be a TooltipText property for a TextField, but ToolTip is listed as a property for the Text Field in the Designer. I've searched "tooltip textfield" and found no answer.
  17. Star-Dust

    B4A Library [B4X] [XUI] [B4XLib] SD TextView

    I needed to develop a modern editText (or TextField), but different from the B4XFloatTextField, different in terms of graphics and style. So I created the SD_TextView (see also xComboBox) NOTE: You can use this library for personal and commercial use. Include it in your projects.. Attention...
  18. F

    Android Question Question Chat get Text

    Hello, I use this chat from Erel: Erel-Chat where do I find in the code that when I enter a text in the app (for example "hello") that I can then edit it in the code for example (if Textfiel == "hello" Then Log ("test") End if) I want to program an AI
  19. M

    iOS Question TextField change Border Color (by code)

    Hi everyone, it's possibile to change the parameter "Border Color" of an TextField by code? I have a TextField in RoundRectangle style, and i want to change the border color to red when it is required. I got done in designer but not by code
  20. TnP

    iOS Question TextField passwordmode toggling with Custom Fonts

    Hi All, I have a project with a log-in screen using a TextField for the password entry. I am using a Custom Font on this TextField. I also have a 'show password' Switch to toggle the 'passwordmode' on the TextField by servicing the _ValueChanged event for the Switch. I have found that if I...