1. Alexander Stolte

    B4A Library [B4X] [XUI] AS TextFieldAdvanced - Title, Information, Counter, Password, Button, Prefix, Suffix, Icons, Multiline

    With this view you can quickly and easily add good looking text fields, with title and or bottom text. Additionally you can make the TextField a button, so that you can open menus, but still keep the design of the text fields. The view speeds up development because you don't have to worry about...
  2. A

    iOS Question Past a string with letters and numbers into Number type TextField

    Hi all - today one of my clients sent me a screenshot with an error message. I tried to reproduce it and found one unexpected result. Let's say I have a layout with 2 textfields - in my code they are B4XView. 1 - txtProvider 2 - txtProviderName txtProvider has Keyboard Type - Number_Pad...
  3. DarkoT

    B4J Question TextField Baloon - helper

    Hi to all, I can not find any example if is posible to create a baloon message (helper) for textfield in B4J project... Any idea how to create baloon which will help users to understand what is expected input? Like on this example: Thank you for info... BR, DaT
  4. Star-Dust

    iOS Question [SOLVED] How to get a inputView on TextField

    I need to turn this code into b4i. can anyone help me? UIView* dummyView = [[UIView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0, 0, 100, 100)]; myTextField.inputView = dummyView;
  5. Markus Winter

    B4J Question Why can't you simply set the text alignment of a textField in the designer?

    Working my way through "Getting started" … Why can't you simply set the text alignment of a textField in the designer? After all, you can do it for labels. It feels VERY strange and cumbersome to have to do it in code. Is there a way to make feature requests?
  6. C

    B4J Question [BANanoVuetifyAD3] Why do Select and Textfields get a white field with a grey boarders ?

    Hi, I try to add select and textfields in Visual/Abstract Designer and I get a white field which is not present in the Kitchen Sink demo, see picture: I can not see anything that differs in the generated html code between mine and the Kitchen Sink Demo. I do not want the white field with the...
  7. red30

    iOS Question TextField keyboard first capital letter

    I have KeyboardType TYPE_DEFAULT set. But when calling the keyboard, you need to manually press the corresponding button to start with a capital letter. Is it possible to set the KeyboardType so that the first letter of the called keyboard is capitalized?
  8. DarkoT

    B4J Question TextField - handle TAB as Enter

    Hi guys, need little help... How can I handle Tab same as Enter; I need to get txtfield_Action when user move WITH TAB from one field to another... With Enter works perfect, I can not figure out how to catch Tab... I'm using B4J Pages for desktop app... Need example... Help, please... Tnx, DaT
  9. M

    iOS Code Snippet Input Dialog (modal) - slightly modified from the Erel one

    The original code: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/inputdialog-function.52811/post-331242 I modified the code to be able to add two buttons, and receive the "Success" parameter to distinguish when the user tap on the positive button or cancel button. Sub Button1_Click Dim no As...
  10. M

    iOS Question Native msgbox input field UI

    Hi everyone, I need to implement a native msgbox to ask for an input with a textfield like this How can I create this? Thanks in advance and merry Christmas 🎁!
  11. A

    iOS Question Strange behavior of keyboard in textfield with password mode

    Hi all. I have a very strange behavior of a soft keyboard in textfield with password mode checked. I have a project where I have a login page with2 textfields username / password. Username is textfield with Email keyboard mode, password with default keyboard mode and password mode checked...
  12. M

    iOS Question Textfield in a msgbox

    hi everyone, how can i put a textfield in a msgbox like in this example? thank you in advance :D
  13. cklester

    B4J Question [RESOLVED] How to Set Tooltip for a TextField

    How do you set the tooltip for a text field? There doesn't seem to be a TooltipText property for a TextField, but ToolTip is listed as a property for the Text Field in the Designer. I've searched "tooltip textfield" and found no answer.
  14. Star-Dust

    B4A Library [B4X] [XUI] [B4XLib] SD TextView

    I needed to develop a modern editText (or TextField), but different from the B4XFloatTextField, different in terms of graphics and style. So I created the SD_TextView (see also xComboBox) NOTE: You can use this library for personal and commercial use. Include it in your projects.. Attention...
  15. F

    Android Question Question Chat get Text

    Hello, I use this chat from Erel: Erel-Chat where do I find in the code that when I enter a text in the app (for example "hello") that I can then edit it in the code for example (if Textfiel == "hello" Then Log ("test") End if) I want to program an AI
  16. M

    iOS Question TextField change Border Color (by code)

    Hi everyone, it's possibile to change the parameter "Border Color" of an TextField by code? I have a TextField in RoundRectangle style, and i want to change the border color to red when it is required. I got done in designer but not by code
  17. TnP

    iOS Question TextField passwordmode toggling with Custom Fonts

    Hi All, I have a project with a log-in screen using a TextField for the password entry. I am using a Custom Font on this TextField. I also have a 'show password' Switch to toggle the 'passwordmode' on the TextField by servicing the _ValueChanged event for the Switch. I have found that if I...
  18. Alexander Stolte

    iOS Question TextField get Line count

    Hello, how can i get the line count on TextField? Greetings
  19. Rokko

    iOS Question Need to limit the entry of an editText field

    Hello to all, I need to limit the entry of an editText field to 6 digits. I tried the code Erel posted here: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/substring2-not-working-well-on-ios-8.51212/#content Sub TextField1_TextChanged (OldText As String, NewText As String) CallSubDelayed(Me...