1. Humberto

    Share My Creation Hands Free Notes a To Do List with Voice Commands

    Hand Free Notes (HFN) is a To Do List program where you can write down your thoughts, tasks to do, supermarket list in an organized and practical way. Our great advantage is that you can do all of this through voice commands. So you're in your car and you remember to do something, you have a...
  2. aeric

    Share My Creation Todo List (source code)

    todo-B4A Made with ❤ in B4X Source code: YouTube tutorial: For B4i: Update on 13 Aug 2021: Uploaded to Play store to test new App Bundle...
  3. DonManfred

    Android Tutorial [B4X] Working with GoogleTasks using REST

    GoogleTasks are a Task list (ToDo List, Shopping List, whateveryouwant list) In this small Tutorial i want to share my findings while i played around with GoogleTasks. In fact i´m not finished playing with it ;-) Based on @Erel answer that it most probably work in B4J and B4i too i added [B4X]...