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Hand Free Notes (HFN) is a To Do List program where you can write down your thoughts, tasks to do, supermarket list in an organized and practical way.
Our great advantage is that you can do all of this through voice commands.
So you're in your car and you remember to do something, you have a brilliant idea with Hands Free Notes (HFN) you can quickly create text using voice commands and not forget anything.
The commands can be configured in any language that your phone's speech recognition understands.
Then configure the HFN and start using it.
The HFN has a manual in the program itself and even all the buttons and figures when giving a long click will open an explanation of its use.
Also in each part of the program a help button that will inform all the voice commands that are available on that page.

There are two links to download the first is the apk itself the second is the apk in rar file
HandsFree APK
Hands Free Note RAR

I need to test in other languages besides Portuguese, if someone can do it I´ll appreciate