1. A

    iOS Question (Solved ) Toolbar is not visible in TestFlight

    Hi all. I have a toolbar on the bottom of the screen in my app. It's visible in Debug mode. When I uploaded my app to the iTuneConnect and open it on the same iPhone in TestFlight the toolbar is missing. Now my app was approved for sale, I installed it on my phone - the toolbar is missing. Am...
  2. MList

    iOS Question Tbc and TopRightButtons

    Hi, I am using tabbarcontroller to switch between pages. In addition i want to use TopRightButtons, which i declared in designer. But when using tbc, i dont see the toolbar buttons, they seem to work just with NavControl. Is there a possiblilty to use both? Thanks Marion
  3. dongsool

    iOS Question I can't see the fontawesome icon on the toolbar. I can only see the letters.

    I followed the tutorial, but it didn't work.
  4. M

    iOS Question Navbar like Whatsapp

    Hi! I'm trying to understand the various part that make up the navigation between pages in B4i, and the various options. How can I have a nav bar like this: With custom icon and Text (and eventually the notification dot). It's a acutal navbar, or a panel with button inside? (i ask this...
  5. Multiverse app

    Android Tutorial Creating custom Text Selection actions with ACTION_PROCESS_TEXT

    Android 6.0 Marshmallow introduced a new floating text selection toolbar, which brings the standard text selection actions, like cut, copy, and pastes, closer to the text you’ve selected. Even better though is the new ACTION_PROCESS_TEXT which makes it possible for any app to add custom actions...