touch event

  1. epiCode

    Android Question B4XDrawer Panel allows click/touch to pass through

    B4XDrawer panel allows all touch / click event to pass to elements below it unless it is on an element in the panel. Although I avoid modification in a class directly, to avoid issues when upgrading, I tried capturing LeftPanel_Click and LeftPanel_touch sub in B4XDrawer but it does not fire...
  2. M

    Android Question Get Touch Event of a Label

    Hi everyone, i was wondering, there is a way to retrive the _Touch event from a label? Thanks in advance
  3. Myr0n

    Android Example [B4X] SwiftButton - Adding Click/LongClick event

    The next code add the funcionality in b4x to capture the click & longClick using Touch, in case of b4j add the option to fire the longClick using the Right Mouse Click or the secondary mouse button. - Unzip the file "XUI Views.b4xlib" - Look for the file "SwiftButton.bas" and open - Add the...
  4. F

    Android Question B4XDateTemplate Problem waiting for "ok" or "cancel"

    Hello, i try to use B4XDateTemplate but there is a behavior that i can't influence. The template opens correct and the changes between month and year run as supposed. But when i touch a day, the template is immediately closed. There is no change to press "ok" or "cancel". This can't be the...

    Android Question Moving Labels based on touch event

    Hello Guys, I'm working to move labels on the screen based on touch event, but it seems touch it is only available at activity level. Is that true? I based my research on the ThreeActivityExample.b4a project. Sub Activity_Touch (Action As Int, X As Float, Y As Float) Private dX, dY As...