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Hello Guys,

I'm working to move labels on the screen based on touch event, but it seems touch it is only available at activity level. Is that true?

I based my research on the ThreeActivityExample.b4a project.
Sub Activity_Touch (Action As Int, X As Float, Y As Float)
    Private dX, dY As Float
    Log("Action " & Action & " X=" & x & " Y=" & Y)
    Select Action                                    ' Selects the Action parameter
        Case Activity.ACTION_DOWN            ' Checks if ACTION_DOWN
            X0 = X                                            ' Memorizes the X coordinate
            Y0 = Y                                            ' Memorizes the Y coordinate
            X1 = lblLetter.Left                        ' Memorizes the Left coordinate
            Y1 = lblLetter.Top                        ' Memorizes the Top coordinate

        Case Activity.ACTION_MOVE            ' Checks if ACTION_MOVE
            dX = X - X0                                    ' Calculates the X distance moved
            dY = Y - Y0                                    ' Calculates the X distance moved
            lblLetter.Left = X1 + dX            ' Sets the new Left coordinate
            lblLetter.Top = Y1 + dY                ' Sets the new Top coordinate
        Case Activity.ACTION_UP                ' Checks if ACTION_UP
            Log("Left " & lblLetter.Left) ' Memorizes Left in the Map
            Log("Top " & lblLetter.Top)     ' Memorizes Top in the Map
            lblCoord.Text = (lblLetter.Left & "-" & lblLetter.Top)

    End Select
End Sub

This code works ok for a single label, but let's say a have 3-4 labels on the screen that I want to move then randomly (one each time). Which approach should I take?



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Jorge M A

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BTW, if you decide to use this approach, you must use the Drag event.
Attached you app whit two labels and GD.
Try it in release mode, and better in real device.


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