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    Android Question Where can we find the Net - v1.77 Library?

    Good morning Unfortunately, in the B4x documentation looks like the Net - v1.77 Library is part of the default libraries. But because the B4A IDE Library Manager does not know anything about the Net - v1.77 Library, I guess we have to google for...
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    Wish Please offer a separate Hotkey for Quick search and split Search from Replace

    Hello Could you please: Offer separate Hotkeys for Search and Quick search? Please split the Search and Search / Replace function. It is really dangerous, that a User execute Search/Replace by accident, although he only wanted to search but was forced to use the Search/Replace dialog, because...
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    Bug? Please allow us to search for single characters, too

    Good afternoon Every IDE and Editor we know is able to find single characters... unfortunately, B4A does not allow this: it forces us to use at least 2 characters. This is very annoying if one needs to search for exactly one character and because we found this bug, we really need it. Please...
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    Wish IDE: Bookmarks: please offer a Hotkey to globally jump to next / previous bookmark

    Good morning The Bookmarks are a great feature, but we still are forced to manually search them :-(, because we have much more often bookmarks in different files than more than one or two bookmarks in one file Could you please offer two new Hotkeys?: Jump to next Bookmark (in any File)...