Wish IDE: Bookmarks: please offer a Hotkey to globally jump to next / previous bookmark


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Good morning

The Bookmarks are a great feature, but we still are forced to manually search them :-(, because
  • we have much more often bookmarks in different files
  • than more than one or two bookmarks in one file
Could you please offer two new Hotkeys?:
  1. Jump to next Bookmark (in any File)
  2. Jump to previous Bookmark (in any File)
This would offer a much better usability. At the moment, we have to manually set Bookmarks by misusing Comments - and then, search for the comments.

Thanks a lot,
kind regards,


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Thanks for your answer,

but in B4A, Alt PageDown / Alt PageUp do not jump to bookmarks in other modules of the project.
Therefore, I created this request, because it's … annoying to work with.


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That's true.
I thought you only wanted to do it in the same file.