1. B

    Android Question OkHTTPUtlis2 Connection problem on Android 10

    Hello, I post data to my server with OkHttpUtils2 and it works. But my server not have SSL and that is why my program does not work in Android 10. I do not know what to do to connect to the server in Android 10 without SSL.
  2. palang

    Android Question VPN Connection

    Hello is there any way or library to setup vpn connection on android ? i saw some android application that support many type of vpn connection like ( cisco , tls vpn, ssl connection, open vpn, pptp, l2tp ) all of them just in one application is there any way to do that via B4A ? or it should...
  3. A

    Android Question Diagnosis on vpn

    hi how can i know that the users enable vpn in mobile? without check ip address