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is there any way or library to setup vpn connection on android ?
i saw some android application that support many type of vpn connection like ( cisco , tls vpn, ssl connection, open vpn, pptp, l2tp ) all of them just in one application

is there any way to do that via B4A ? or it should be done natively via android studio

for example if you search on google play store -> "Next VPN" , you can see there is one application that support many type on vpn connection

i do a lot of research on web and also b4a community forum, but sadly there is nothing to help

thank you


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There is no Library available for this.

Though you can setup VPN in den Systemstettings.
Yes i know there is an option to setup vpn manually in system setting ! but i'm looking to do it via programmatically
and in other hand there is no way to setup manually for cisco, openvpn, sslvpn, tlsvpn, sstp,etc...
system setting is only accept pptp an l2tp connection

i know there is no any library for b4a , im thinking maybe there is an trick or some way