1. aeric

    Share My Creation Web API Template

    Web API Description: A boilerplate for creating CRUD based Web API. Depends on following libraries: ByteConverter, JavaObject, jServer, Json, jSQL Features: CRUD based - REST-API style (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) Front-end (HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap) Support MySQL and SQLite database (Can be...
  2. Star-Dust

    B4J Library [B4X] xHttpServer (Http Server + jQuery)

    It is a personal project of mine that I started as a hobby on B4i and it has become an interesting project, so that I have modified it to be multiplatform. It is an http server, which allows a browser to navigate on html pages stored on the device. In addition, dynamic pages can also be...
  3. Star-Dust

    B4i Library SD: iHttpServer (beta)

    I started developing a version of the HttpServer Library for iOs. It is still a beta version and not complete, but already functional. You can start using it to test it. Includes WebSocket and QueryElement implementation Digest Auth will be added in the future. I have arrived at a first version...
  4. O

    Web/Database recommendations for prototype

    Greetings all To show proof of concept I need to make a simple web page, that connect to a database, which then the clients (B4A and B4I) connects to, in order to exchange data and receive tasks ect. I’m not much of a DB man (but I can if needed be hack my way through it), and certainty not a...
  5. Mashiane

    B4J Question Please help in creating an independent paging web component

    Hi there I need to create a pagination component that one can use in a listview / table seamlessly. This off course should be a web component, pure vanulla js (preferably) or jquery will do. If you have something already please guide the through.. Ta Thanks in advance
  6. alwaysbusy

    B4J Tutorial [BANano] inline php -> server code

    Peter had a great idea for a new feature in BANano: I liked it! He had already written out the ground rules so we only needed a couple of mails to get on the same page. As a result BANano 1.27 has a PHP connection (we plan support for .asp(x), CGI, python, ... later). A note beforehand: It is...
  7. FrostCodes

    B4J Library Cuppify - build Modern REST API's with ease

    A Professional B4J framework that allows you to build Modern REST API's with ease. You can download: HERE You can download JsonGenerator2 from here It is with the source code. You can upload your fixes or extra extensions to it and share and it would be merged if useful to the official...
  8. peacemaker

    BASIC is alive in 2018: WWWBasic for web

    There are BASIC programming language fans even at Google, and, seem to be, they have much free time to ... develop one more BASIC :) WWWBasic is an implementation of BASIC (Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) designed to be easy to run on the Web...
  9. Mashiane

    B4J Question SQLite2WebSQL / SQLite2IndexedDB

    Ola I need a wizard please *no pun intended. Lets say you have a SQLite db, you want to access this thing from a webapp (no websockets/no server), it should be embedded inside your web app. One approach is to convert this thing into a js file including the CREATE scripts, data etc and perhaps...
  10. Mashiane

    365 Web Resources

    Quite interesting find.. https://365webresources.com