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  1. Sandman

    A pure SQL raytracer

    Sometimes it's fun to use the wrong tool for the job. 🙂 https://github.com/chunky/sqlraytracer
  2. Sandman

    Award: JohnC for outstanding user-to-user support

    May is coming to an end and I'd like to award @JohnC my "Pretty damn awesome support on a very thorny subject" achievement for the month. Please see this thread for more information and how he continously digs deeper to better understand and better help a fellow forum member...
  3. Sandman

    Games Pitfall! - how to make a big map using very little data

    Now and then in the forum we see questions on how to build maps for games. The advice in those threads seem great to me, but I stumbled on something really different and interesting and thought I'd share. I played the game Pitfall! lots of times on my C64, and I had heard something about how the...
  4. Sandman

    Monospace: A JavaScript demo in 1021 bytes, winner of the demo competition

    I have an ongoing fascination with how some people can produce impressive results using very little code. In that vein, I thought the forum might find this interesting: MONOSPACE Flip dots with feelings, a JavaScript demo in 1021 bytes, winner of the 1024 bytes demo competition at Assembly...
  5. Sandman

    We all have a friend in SQL

    I saw this thread... Taking SquareRoot in SQL https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/taking-squareroot-in-sql.110722/ ...and thought of something else I saw a while back on the internets. A 3d engine, written in SQL. This is something I would categorize as both completely insane and...
  6. Sandman

    Regarding the tutorial "Adaptive Icons"

    Commenting from https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/adaptive-icons.95244/#post-601843 True. However I prefer thinking of it like "great, another way I can separate my app and make it look even more gorgeous compared to the competition". :)