1. Mashiane

    B4J Tutorial [BANanoPDFDesign] WYSIWYG PDF Documents Designer

    Ola NB: Update browser settings to view PDF internally!!! Test Drive We started with BANanoPDFMake, which was a coding based approach to creating PDF Documents. To be able to display the documents in the browser using the pre-built in PDF viewer, we went on to BANanoPDFView The nice thing...
  2. Lori Scott

    Android Question B4A Designer WSIWYG is not connecting to my device

    My B4A-Bridge status says Connected. But in the Designer, my WYSIWYG status says Disconnected. When I click it to connect, I get this: When I try to restart ADB Server from the Tools menu, I get this: When I search my PC for the file adb.exe, nothing is found. When I open the Configure Path...