1. NachoImperium

    Android Question Broadcast listener isn't working on real phone

    Hey, my app should inform the user as soon as you receive an SMS. The permissions etc. I have already assigned everything, in my emulator everything works perfectly but unfortunately not with my real phone (Xiaomi). The Android version is the same, what is the reason...
  2. Z

    Hybrid Mobile Developer

    Hi We have a laravel website and a FileMaker app We are interested in a simple hybrid mobile application to do the following: - log in - Push notifications (from web and desktop app) - accept/ reject offer - page with offer history
  3. muhammadali213123

    Other Can I use xamarin libs in b4a ?

    Respected developers, There are many my favorite lib which aren't available or outdated for b4a. (like this one) So is there anyway I can use Xamarin projects or libraries in b4a ? Any workaround or any method ?
  4. ruy

    Android Question Aras Innovator application

    I am trying to write a simple application that requests some information from an Aras Innovator database. The Aras manual mentions the use of a IOM.Android.dll in Xamarin. I copy from the manual "A RT version of IOM.Android.dll can be found in the \Utilities\Aras Innovator <Version> IOM...