1. H

    Android Question PHP and WebView (XAMPP)

    Hi. I'm trying to display a PHP file from (XAMPP Local server) in a webview but i get nothing to show. Is there something i'm missing? I Should mention that the PHP page utilizes CSS and Javascript. Also, the PHP file is just a table that displays records. Is there a better way to do this...
  2. Mashiane

    Android Tutorial MySQL data to webview using PHP

    Hi there The purpose of this is to demo how one can add, update, read and display mysql database records into a webview. 1. Setting up development environment For this we have used, Xampp with MySQL, BlueStacks android emulator to install and test our apk, some php with CRUD functions etc...
  3. Mashiane

    B4J Tutorial Xampp + Bluestacks on IP Address

    Hi there I happen to be back to my B4A days lately however just found this out on stack overflow. Seems with as IP address on bluestacks, one can experience their localhost xamp websites etc. For B4A, enabling ADB on settings enables one after installing B4A bridge to debug apps on...