100 Years in the Future


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PI = 3.14

"Converted into ASCII text, somewhere in that infinite string if digits is the name of every person you will ever love, the date, time and manner of your death, and the answers to all the great questions of the universe."

So I have been reading about PI and I came up with the following concept:
In the future, everything will be "stored" and accessed in PI.

By December 28th 2013, PI has been computed to 12 trillion digits. I can imagine that a mobile device built 100 years from now will be able to do this in real-time. If so, we won't need to store data anymore, because everything already exists in PI, we'll only need to index it.

For example, the entire Jurassic Park movie in MPEG2 format, could be hidden at the 789542647823784612346184780146180754178054 digit of PI with a size of 31983719826496 digits.
So as you see, all you need to access this data is its Index and Size.

Dim JurassicPark = Summon_PI_Data(789542647823784612346184780146180754178054, 31983719826496) as Movie
JurassicPark.Encoding = "MPEG2"

In 2115, data won't be accessed, it will be summoned.

...and if the personal device doesn't have enough raw power to compute PI large of fast enough to find a specific index, it will access the Central Cloud. A world-wide conglomerate of datacenters existing for the sole purpose of storing PI to the maximum number of digits that current future technology is able to compute.

This technology already exists, I am able to "summon" my name at the 1835058576th binary digit of PI.
search string = "bruno"
25-bit binary equivalent =   0001010010101010111001111

search string found at binary index =  1835058576
binary pi    : 1101110000010100101010101110011110000010011101010010110100000111
binary string:         0001010010101010111001111                              
character pi    : gsf;dqwel:ghzxn,bruno_suetcrohmdzamhmq
character string:                 bruno
Source: http://pi.nersc.gov/cgi-bin/pi.cgi?word=bruno&format=char

...am I crazy?

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You are right, wonder.. I am also thinking about something like this. In fact, and in 2004 I proposed a new way for voice recognition that instead
of analyzing and using all these FFT and filters, the device will simply output the text version of the uttered word or sentence. I can't explain
more because this is still an ongoing research. But saying it another way, I think in 2115 the analog computer will mature and mother nature will
lead one more time.


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Everything that has ever existed, everything that will ever exist, the complete DNA sequence of every living being on this planet, every music ever composed, every movie ever created, every book ever written, every thought you ever had, is already written, coded into the infinity of PI.

o_O*head explodes*:eek: