3rd party dll eats my memory


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I'm using SerialNET.dll in my own VB.NET dll, declared as,
Imports SerialNET

I've written IR port functions in my dll that are in serialNet and everything is working fine, ish.

After i've run my app 5 or 6 times, I have to soft reset my device.
It looks like SerialNET is hogging the memory and not releasing it.
I've tried the 'Dispose' method but no luck.

Any pointers in the right direction.


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SerialNet.dll gives me full access to the IR port of my ppc.
My .dll gets round this for use in B4PPC.
A couple of pages from my website.



Erel, I'm not reporting a possible bug in B4PPC, i'm using v6.01 optimized and it's great.
My app works fine. Just eats memory :sign0148:
Don't waste your time on my little problems :sign0188:

Perhaps Agraham or DZT might have a solution