a un-visible Button dont works


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example Forelayer
click on Button: "btnErase":
error: if I uncheck [ ]visible
than the Button no more works - :( I dont like it :sign0013:

I will be glad if I can make a unvisible button on/over a (background-) graphic
simply with unchecking the visible checkbox (and so I dont need to make a image-Button)

greatings from Berlin, Andreas Zastrow (a6000000)


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When you set a Button's Visible parameter to False, this means that the button is no more available ! That's the purpose of this parameter.

To have an invisible button you can do it with:
- an ImageButton with it's Transparent parameter set to True
- directly with the form's MouseDown or MouseUp events, the program checks if the mouse pointer is in a given area and if yes executes the code.

Attached a small program to show it.

Best regards.


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Sub ImageButton1_Click
'// danke , so hab ich noch ein ImageButton1 eingefuegt:
'// so I added a ImageButton:
'// Designer-frmMain-Controls-ImageButton: name: "ImageButton1"
Msgbox("MyImageButton1_is clicked")
End Sub