B4J Tutorial [ABMaterial] BuildNavigationBar vs ConnectNavigationBar?


I want to show a NavigationBar, But in the demo there is a BuildNavigationBar And ConnectNavigationBar, what is the point of both?

I just use BuildNavigationBar and comment out ConnectNavigationBar and everything seems to work fine.

Can anyone elaborate on this?



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Build (like in BuildPage, BuildNavigationBar) is for static content. It is generated when the jar runs and written directly into the html file.

Connect (like in ConnectPage, ConnectNavigationBar) is for dynamic content. It is injected later into the browser.

This is for example useful if you have a login box, and you don't want the user to be able to see the menu in the html source when not logged in yet. Or you want certain menu items only to be added depending on the rights he has.


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Also note that, creating a NavigationBar in one page does not mean it will be visible on all webapp pages. you need to "recreate" it in each page you wish it to be present.
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