B4J Question [Abmaterial] review questions


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I am reviewing and have come up with the following questions:

1. Performance. Has anyone created a public site for me to review using this framework?

2. Any guesstimate on number or user this could handle?

3. When was the lastest update released?

4. Is their an option to pay for additional controls?



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1+2. Internal tests showed about 500 simultanious calls/second can be made without a slowdown of the page (done with JMeter, no idea how it depends on the app, or if my JMeter settings where optimal). Note that the app can be used by many more users, as the calls in real life are a lot more spread. The limit will probably be (per physical server) the number of Websocket ports it can open. One can easily extend those numbers by doing load balancing (e.g. with HAProxy). Our WebApps are commercial so except for the ABM demo (abmaterial.com), we do not have a public webapp to show.

3. The last public release (4.30)/donation release (4.52) was somewhere at the end of november 2018. ABM is production ready since long before then and the number of bugs to fix has decreased drastically with every release. I'm about to release public v4.52 and donation v4.75 and only a 10+ cases had to be looked after.

4. I don't have time to make custom controls, but you can always ask in this forum as a number of users are quite fluent in ABM :). Making custom controls is not that hard. It mostly includes adding some .js and .css files, writing a bit of html and script code in the component and you're done. There are examples on this forum from me (and other users).