B4J Question [ABMaterial] [SOLVED]File Manager Download problem

Philip Chatzigeorgiadis

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I noticed this behaviour on my ABMaterial app and then I verified it on the Demo app http://prd.one-two.com:51042/demo.

In the ABMFileManager page, when entering for the first time, files are downloaded without problem. For example, let's say we first download files 1.jpg and 2.jpg together and then, files 3.jpg and 4.jpg together.

If the browser is closed and, after a short while, reopened and the ABMFileManager page reentered, any attempt to download new files (e.g. 5.jpg) will require 3 attempts. First attempt will download 1.jpg and 2.jpg, 2nd attempt will download 3.jpg and 4.jpg, with the 3rd attempt downloading the selected 5.jpg file.

So, it seems that on each connection, all the downloads of the previous connection are repeated, before the new download can be executed. This behaviour is not related with the number of files downloaded in each attempt. Also, the FileManager always indicates the correct number of selected files on the bottom-left corner.

Manually clearing the browser's cache (via Settings on Chrome), seems to take care of this problem, however such a process might be too complicated for some users.

Note that Ctrl-F5 does not help.

Any ideas?