1. FabioRome

    B4J Question [ABMaterial] set new path webserver

    my server is rooted in the public_html folder instead of www public Sub StartServer(srvr As Server, srvrName As String, srvrPort As Int srvr.Initialize(srvrName) srvr.StaticFilesFolder = File.Combine(File.DirApp, "public_html") ' uncomment this if you want to directly access the app in the...
  2. M

    B4J Question [ABMaterial] ABMInput Height

    Dear All, Is there a way to change abminput(textbox) height ? so it will look "tighter" between textbox ... i can only resize the row with ItemCont.Row(2).SetFixedHeight(45,False) thanks
  3. A

    German [ABMaterial] Lizenz >> kommerzieller Einsatz möglich

    Hallo Miteinander, ich bin etwas verwirrt bei der Lizenzierung von ABMaterial. Könnte mir das mal eine erklären? Ich sehe hier in den Foren einige Projekte die auf einen kommerziellen Einsatz hinweisen. Ist ein kommerzieller Einsatz von ABMaterial + B4J möglich? Oder ist nur ein unentgeltlicher...
  4. walterf25

    B4J Question ABMaterial Class Instantiation

    Hi all, I need some help understanding how to use a standar B4J class in an ABMaterial project, basically I have a project where I have a written a class that opens a Serial Port and starts receiving data from a device, This all works perfect so far, until I navigate to a different page, the...
  5. mmieher

    B4J Question ABM, APACHE2, SSL, UBUNTU! -- I Did It My Way

    In the interest of saving humanity from what I have been through for the past few days, here is a guide to what worked for me. I am a Linux Nothing-burger so this is certainly not the correct method, but it works (right this second). GOAL: Make ABM/B4J site that runs good-enough in Debug...
  6. mmieher

    B4J Question ABMaterial - Need Apache2 HTTP, HTTPS, Everything Configuration Help

    I am pleased to unveil the hottest new site on the Internet: https://www.pearlnecklacemedia.com/ You are looking at /var/www/pearl/index.html. This directory has the Pearl.jar, copymewithneeds, and the entire www structure. I previously had an ABMaterial site going, but decided a good...
  7. W

    German ABMaterial -- ABMSlider in der jar.jar oder im eigenständigen Paket nicht sichtbar, aber in der IDE

    Habe ein fertiges ABMaterial Projekt. Funktioniert gut in der IDE. Alles wie gewollt. Wenn ich ein eigenständiges Paket daraus mache und dieses starte, dann wird auf der Page ein ABMSlider nicht mehr angezeigt. Es spielt keine Rolle in welche Zelle der ist oder welcher Code verwendet wird. Es...
  8. mmieher

    B4J Question ABMaterial - Top Bar Forbidden Space

    I cannot figure out what is to the right of the Title string when displayed on smaller devices. It sure looks like there is lots of real estate over there? Dim str As String = "Pearl Necklace Media" ABMShared.BuildNavigationBarEx(page, str,"../images/logo-blank-330x117.png", ""...
  9. mmieher

    B4J Question ABMaterial - Scale the ImageSlider Image LIVE for User

    I want to do something like this: tmpImage.SetExtraStyle("max-width: 100%; height: auto") to that .png in the first parameter of this: slider.AddSlideImage("../images/blank-portrait-1080x1350.png", ABMShared.lbClr("Image One", "#000000"), ABMShared.lbClr("Second Line Image 1","#000000")...
  10. mmieher

    B4J Question [SOLVED] ABMaterial Stuck On WAIT Indicator in Everything

    I guess I am such a noob. All was terrific after several hours of starting with a clean slate Take 3. The "WAIT" indicator is either a pulsating phone or a spinning multi-colored pinwheel. First, myApp started to intermittently hang on the pinwheel indicator. Cleared my Chrome cache but that...
  11. mmieher


  12. mmieher

    B4J Question [SOLVED] ABMaterial - I Broke "Production" Site

    I am a Linux/HTML/Java/css idiot. I have 12 years B4X. One week ABMaterial. Everything in debug or release works on Windows dev unit. Everything did work on Ubuntu. Where am I when I see this pulsating, convulsing, warping phone thing? I think I somehow broke door.html's generative...
  13. mmieher


    -------> https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/pen-paper-pwct-for-basic-abmaterial-webapps.70259/#content <-------- This is fantastic. Five Pointy-Ears for @Mashiane. Top notch! Thank you.
  14. mmieher

    B4J Question [SOLVED] "BIG BUCK BUNNY" - The ABMaterial HTML5 Video

    I was very disappointed when BIG BUCK BUNNY suddenly appeared, but without audio. I must learn how to get File.DirAnything into a parameter called "source". ' add HTML5 video Dim video3 As ABMVideo video3.InitializeHTML5(page, "video3"...
  15. mmieher

    B4J Question ABMaterail Change Text Properties of Text NOT in ABMLabel

    Noob here. How to change, SIZE, STYLE, COLOR, FONT of anything in a line like the following? (from demo project -- main event slider in middle of page) slider.AddSlideImage("../images/vintage-women-soft-tits.png?" & DateTime.Now, "Looking for tits?","Pornography is not the purpose of this...
  16. mmieher

    B4J Question ABMaterial Themes and Google Material Design Tool

    I am trying to equate this https://m3.material.io/theme-builder#/custom to this MyTheme.Page.AddColorDefinition("dragonfly", ABM.INTENSITY_DARKEN4, "#263A4C", 1.0) MyTheme.Page.AddColorDefinition("dragonfly", ABM.INTENSITY_DARKEN3, "#354A5E", 1.0)...
  17. mmieher

    B4J Question ABMaterial. Dead or Alive?

    I recently discovered ABMaterial and ABMini created by @alwaysbusy I have many hours invested and it seems like a great solution for a B4Anything web server on Linux. I desire this because I am a recovering Microsoftaholic. Is Mr. Bailleul still into this? Has anyone (like maybe @OliverA )...
  18. walterf25

    B4J Question JavaScript Printer Help

    Hi all, I am still trying to get my cheap printer to work, I have obtained the attached files from the manufacturer, unfortunately my javascript knowledge is very little, How would I go around using this libraries with Abmaterial. I have the following code so far: Dim jsval As String =...
  19. walterf25

    B4J Question SVG to PNG ABMaterial

    Hi everyone, I am trying to figure out if there's a way to save an svg object to an image either png or jpg format, I am using the customobject on this thread which is basically a barcode object, I have the need to convert this svg object to an image, I have been exploring the ABMCanvas object...
  20. P

    B4J Question ABMaterial 5.0 - ABMPageId

    Good day, Upgraded the ABM 5.0. Every time the page websocket_connected is called, it generates a new ABMPageId as opposed to the same pageid ABMPageId = ABM.GetPageID(page, Name,ws) LOG pagemap (MyMap) {one=, frmHome=frmHomeeb55e2b8-d63d-4553-bf9e-5336d098e466} ABMPageid...