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John Sturt

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Hello All
I am having trouble with setting up B4I

Could someone post a list of instructions
on how to create the certs an profiles.
As the published tutorial with the video does not make it very
clear at all.

Many thanks


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The videos are really clear. Nearly all the people used that video to create prov and cert files. I don't think anyone will come and list instructions while the video is there.
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For your development:

first create a private sign key in b4i by tools / private sign key . This will create some files in your keys folder. Also create an wild card app id like com.example.test* ( later when you are making your first app you need to type com.example.test11 for example in package name textfield in build config)

1) Go to ios dev center
2) Select certificates , identifiers & profiles
3) click certificates
4) click the plus icon on right top
5) select appstore and adhoc under development
6) select continue and seelct the csr you had created at very first step.

this will generate you a certificate file copy it to your keys folder

than create a provisioning file and select your test devices which you added their udids, and tie it to certificate you had just created when it asks. Then copy the provisioning file to keys folder also. You are good to go. Dont forget the install to your test device.

MAybe i missed some points , you can better understand with the tutorial video.
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