Android Question Access to a single file in USB sticks .... I dont know the path to some functions

Diego Marcelo Croatto

Licensed User
Hi.... I read and read the lines of code from the example <ExternalStorage> and can't know the path of selected file.
I need select a file (.csv - .xls - .txt) and open with for example:

Reader.Initialize(File.OpenInput(File.DirRootExternal, "test4.csv")) --> in case of a CSV file

File.ReadString(File.DirInternal,Filename) --> In case of text File

LoadTable(File.DirAssets, "Book1.xls") -->In case of a .xls file with ExcelExample program

I don't know what value put in (File.DirRootExternal or File.DirInternal or File.DirAssets)

Thanks a Lot ..... I contiinue learning!