Other Acronym and Shorthand in Find/Replace Version 5.0


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[Edit > Find/Replace] has Find options Search type > Acronym

The only functionality I can find for this is that, if you enter a single character, it finds words beginning with that character.

Does it do anything else?

Regarding Search type > Shorthand, if you enter ab it is the same as entering
a*b with Search type > Wildcard
That is, it finds groups of characters beginning and ending with the given letters, but only on a single line.

Does that fully describe its functionality?
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character following an underscore
This does not seem to work. For example searching for ap with Search Type = Acronym will find ActivityPause but not Activity_Pause

Correction of my previous post

I was wrong to say that shorthand ab is the same as wildcard a*b. The differences are:
Shorthand searches without spaces are not "greedy" (that is they will not search for the longest possible result) whereas Wildcard searches are greedy.
Shorthand will match in more than one line if a space is included in the search string, whereas wildcard only ever searches in a single line (as far as I can see).