Android Question Add a message so native message app can see it

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In this post:

Erel shows code to "add a message to the phone logs" and the thread is in the vein of adding messages so the native message app can see them.

I've put this in a little test app but I can't get any obvious result when I run it - no errors either.

Am I fundamentally missing the point? where should the messages appear?

Also the post is circa 2012 so is the code still relevant?

I attach the body of Erel's post below for ease of reference:

You can use this code to add a message to the phone logs:
Sub AddSentSms(Address As String, Body As String)
   Dim r As Reflector
   Dim values As Object
   values = r.CreateObject("android.content.ContentValues")
   r.Target = values
   Dim s As String
   s = "java.lang.String"
   r.RunMethod4("put", Array As Object("type", 2), Array As String(s, "java.lang.Integer"))
   r.RunMethod3("put", "address", s, Address, s)
   r.RunMethod3("put", "body", s, Body, s)
   r.Target = r.GetContext
   r.Target = r.RunMethod("getContentResolver")
   r.RunMethod4("insert", _
      Array As Object(r.RunStaticMethod("", "parse", _
         Array As Object("content://sms/sent"), Array As String(s)), values), _
      Array As String("", "android.content.ContentValues"))
End Sub
This code requires reflection library.

You should add this manifest editor code:
Any help or pointers appreciated...


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Are you using Runtimepermissions to request WRITE to the callog?
Yes I think, as per Erels original post
Probably Android does not allow this anymore (at higher Android Versions/SDK target)
I already have an app that commandeers SMS messages that runs on a standalone Android phone for a particular purpose.

When I was researching that I got the impression that you could still do anything you like with SMS just so long as you don't try to publish it.

If I can get this running it would also be for my private use.

But how...
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Try to make you app the default messaging app
I took your code as outlined in post #1 and put it in my app that commandeers SMS messages, as I mentioned in post #3.

When I install this merged app on my Samsung 5 and make it the default messaging app - it works - I get a message in the Messages queue.

This however is counter to what I want to do.

I want to have the native messaging app the default and have a separate app that (probably) messages via polling an AWS S3 bucket.

When the second app has a message I want to dump it in the Messages queue, accessible by the native messaging app.

I have a reason for wanting to do this - it is not an idle whim:):):)


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Only the default messaging app can write to the SMS store.
It would appear so - drat!!!

On to plan B - save and view second app messages separately.


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or you make a new SMS app that handles both...
I have looked at that - not a trivial task.

By any chance, would you know of any publicly available B4A code that I could use as a springboard?