iOS Question Adding a new iphone device to B4i


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I had the B4i configuration working, however I needed switch iPhones. The process involves installing the Bridge-App on the iPhone. I have become tangled again in certificates, keys and provisioning files.

At this point I am getting a compiler errors when I attempt to build and install the BridgeApp:

Building designer app. 0.02
Building Xcode project 0.08
Sending data to remote compiler. Error
Out: Build settings from command line:
ARCHS = armv7
CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR = /Users/davidwhitney/Desktop/macserver-aa/UploadedProjects/b4i_default/Payload
OTHER_CODE_SIGN_FLAGS = --keychain b4i_default
PROVISIONING_PROFILE = 0d4c3fb8-0063-4417-b99d-44c3742e913c

Check dependencies

I want to start over and create all new files, however I am not sure which files I can delete from the apple developer site. For example, I already have "Certificates" and I cannot simply create another (the iOS radio button is now dimmed).

I am looking for step-by-step instruction how to start over with a new device. Have you come across this problem?



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You can always delete all certificates and provisioning profiles and start with a new certificate.
However adding a device is quite simple. You just need to add it to the provisioning profile and download the updated file to the keys folder.

Thank you. I started with updating the Provisioning file, however I was not able to get the Bridge to compile. I then started trying to update the files and was not able to make it work and I am afraid things are not in sync now.

At this point, I think it is best to just start over with a clean set of Cert, Key and Provision files.

On the Developer site, under Certificates I am not offered the option of Deleting the Certificate. The buttons show "Revoke" and "Download".

Do I want to "Revoke" all the certificates to get a clean start? I also want to delete all the files in the keys directory and start over with a clean install now.
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