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Dear All

I am using a customlistview (CLV) to show parameters from database records. In the database are hundreds of records, therefore I limited the number of records I load to the CLV when the app is loaded. Everything is working fine:the records are loaded and displayed. You can scroll up and down.

My question is now: when reaching the bottom end of the datasets/panels on the CLV, how can I best trigger automatically that more datasets are being loaded and added to the CLV. As an example: let's say I initially loaded 30 datasets onto 30 panels. Now I scroll down and come to dataset 30. With trying to scroll even further I would like to initiate something that triggers a routine and loads/adds the next 30 datasets.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.
Many thanks.


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Any suggestions are highly appreciated.
CustomListView with Lazy Loading. Here is a link to its tutorial by Erel.

If you also type Lazy Loading in the search box, you will find several threads. One of them is the below thread where you find a complete project by Erel that makes use of Lazy Loading:
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