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  1. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    This library adds support for AdiQuity advertising: AdIQuity | Global Mobile Ads Platform

    In order to use this library you should sign with them and register a new Android app.

    You should download their SDK and copy AdiquityAndroidSDK.jar to the libraries folder.

    Integrating this library is pretty simple. You should create an AdiquityAdView and add it to the activity.
    By default ads are refreshed every 30 seconds.

    Note that you should call StartAds, PauseAds and ResumeAds as done in the following code:
    Sub Process_Globals

    End Sub
    Sub Globals   
    Dim ad As AdiquityAdView
    End Sub

    Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean)
    "ad""your-site-id-from-adiquity", ad.ADSIZE_300x50)
    Activity.AddView(ad, 0100%y - 50dip300dip50dip)
    'ad.SetTestMode 'uncomment to show a test message
    End Sub
    Sub Activity_Resume
    End Sub

    Sub Activity_Pause(UserClosed As Boolean)
    End Sub

    Sub ad_AdRequestFailed
    End Sub

    Sub ad_AdRequestCompletedNoAd
    End Sub

    Sub ad_AdRequestCompleted
    End Sub
    Note that Anywhere Software is not affiliated with AdiQuity.

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  2. nad

    nad Active Member Licensed User

    Awesome Erel. Thanks so much.

    Has anyone integrated and done some comparisons on revenue already?
  3. laclica

    laclica New Member Licensed User

    i cant seams to make it work.
    adding it to my libraries as either the jar or zip does not make B4A see it
    it behave as if it was never added.
    i tried loading it as an additional and internal libraries without any result's
    and yes i bought B4A i am not on the trial.
    can anyone help me please.
  4. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Don't you see it in the list of libraries (in the libraries tab)?
  5. laclica

    laclica New Member Licensed User

    no but i found a way to make it work.
    it appeared after i reinstalled B4A.
    the installation might have been corrupted.
    thx for the answer tho
  6. ssg

    ssg Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Hi nad,

    I've tried this before Erel released his library (was working on building the wrapper myself). Was terrible performance for me. Maybe others have much better results.

  7. AdIQuity Admin

    AdIQuity Admin New Member

    Erel, Thanks for creating the library for us.

    Guys, feel free to contact us here if you need any assistance on getting started with us.

    If you need any further information on our ad inventory, fill rates etc, please contact us at: or on Skype at: Adiquity

    For those of you who may not be familiar with Adiquity, we are a global mobile ads platform working with over 45 Ad networks, DSPs and other adsources. We help our 3000+ publishers better monetize their inventory from 200+ countries.
    Adiquity currently has over 15 Billion impressions per month.
  8. NFOBoy

    NFOBoy Active Member Licensed User


    Get this when I try to add (haha) this to my project and compile:

    Compiling code. 0.81
    Compiling layouts code. 0.04
    Generating R file. 0.52
    Compiling generated Java code. Error
    B4A line: 385
    Activity.AddView(ad, (100%x - 320dip)/2, 0dip, 320dip, 48dip)
    javac 1.6.0_31
    src\b4a\pasagosoft\thaichar\lite\ cannot access
    class file for not found

    Exactly as Erel shows in the example... and it is in my Libs section no problem...

  9. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Have you added AdiquityAndroidSDK.jar to the libraries folder?
  10. NFOBoy

    NFOBoy Active Member Licensed User

    nope... not at all.. thought it should work by magic I guess. :BangHead:

  11. NFOBoy

    NFOBoy Active Member Licensed User

    Up and running, but

    Everything is working well enough, except 50% of the time, I get the adRequestCompleted, but then no ad shows.

    I have made up my own ads for my pro app, and I set the bmp to those at load time, and every so often (time variable changes.. cannot get an exact time) the ads finally start showing... and then sometimes disappear.

    Anyone else with this issue?

  12. fox96

    fox96 Member Licensed User

    Hi Erel,
    I use this lib but it blocks all app. not always, but frequently
  13. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    What do you mean with "blocks all app"?
  14. NFOBoy

    NFOBoy Active Member Licensed User

    Adiquity Issue


    below is semi-fixed... I re-downloaded and copied over the jar/xml and sdk.jar (all copy overs said they were identical) and now I am getting the adRequest Completed, but they are showing up as question marks in the ad space... so still not there yet


    Started seeing a big dropoff in ads requested from this provider about 2 weeks ago. Thought my program was just not being used as much. But, my other provider actually started going up. (I split the time between each one for banner ad space)

    While doing some class building, noticed that I was getting ad_failed from adiquity view.

    Went back to my main program, added in the check for ad_AdRequestFailed, and sure enough, same thing in my Play Store program. (the other provider is coming through no issues)

    I am going to write Adiquity to see what might be happening on their side (I am still getting requests, just not anywhere what it should be, and I normally get adRequestComplete - no ad (at least I used to)

    They are still on the same (APK 2.1 from August of last year).

    Anybody else having this issue?
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2013
  15. NFOBoy

    NFOBoy Active Member Licensed User


    Have sent a screenshot showing the ? when I get a Complete event.

    They have asked for the request URL and response code... All I know is the event Ad_AdRequestCompleted is generating. So cannot give them that part of the puzzle.

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    Last edited: Apr 29, 2013
  16. NFOBoy

    NFOBoy Active Member Licensed User


    Well, after a couple of emails with them (they responded very quickly, which was nice) Ads started displaying properly, test and real... so not sure what switch was out of whack on their side...
  17. hookshy

    hookshy Well-Known Member Licensed User

    We are waiting for new version of this wrapper that will ad publicity ID ..which is a google must from 1 november 2014
  18. susu

    susu Well-Known Member Licensed User

    I tried AdIquity before but their fill rate is very low. Just want to let you know.
  19. hookshy

    hookshy Well-Known Member Licensed User

    I have no other ads solution write now, no ads no money ..(Admob is no longer a pretty woman for me as she throw me by the window one night)
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