B4R Library ADXL345 Triple Axis Accelerometer Library

A wrap for this Github project - have wrapped most of the "setters". I am using an ADXL345 module (Keyestudio) and an Arduino Nano.
'Nano/Uno    -    ADXL345 module
'A4            -    SDA
'A5            -    SCL
'ADXL345 module 5V and GND connected to Nano/Uno 5V and GND

Attached B4R project is set up for I2C comms with the ADXL345 module (pins A4 = SDA and A5 = SCL on the Nano/Uno)

I guess one will need to do a whole lot of reading to figure out what to do with the settings and returned values of all the methods. But the wrapper attached B4A project seems to yield the same returned values as that of the sample project in the Github posting when running it from the Arduino IDE. So, I guess it must be "doing it's thing".

Sample code:
'Nano/Uno    -    ADXL345 module
'A4            -    SDA
'A5            -    SCL
'ADXL345 module 5V and GND connected to Nano/Uno 5V and GND

#Region Project Attributes
    #AutoFlushLogs: True
    #CheckArrayBounds: True
    #StackBufferSize: 300
#End Region

Sub Process_Globals
    'These global variables will be declared once when the application starts.
    'Public variables can be accessed from all modules.
    Public Serial1 As Serial
    Dim adxl As ADXL345
End Sub

Private Sub AppStart

    adxl.RangeSetting = adxl.RANGE_16G
    adxl.setActivityXYZ(True, False, False)
    adxl.ActivityThreshold = 75
    adxl.setInactivityXYZ(True, True, True)
    adxl.InactivityThreshold = 75
    adxl.TimeInactivity = 3
    adxl.setTapDetectionOnXYZ(False, False, True)
    adxl.TapThreshold = 50
    adxl.TapDuration = 15
    adxl.DoubleTapLatency = 80
    adxl.DoubleTapWindow = 200
    adxl.FreeFallThreshold = 7
    adxl.FreeFallDuration = 5
    adxl.LowPower = False
End Sub

Sub myLooper

    Log("x accel = ", adxl.X_Accel)
    Log("y accel = ", adxl.Y_Accel)
    Log("z accel = ", adxl.Z_Accel)
    Log(" ")
    Dim interrputs As Byte = adxl.InterruptSource
    Log("interrputsource = ", interrputs)
    If adxl.triggered(interrputs, adxl.MASK_ADXL345_FREE_FALL) Then
        Log("*** FREE FALL ***")
    End If  
    If adxl.triggered(interrputs, adxl.MASK_ADXL345_DOUBLE_TAP) Then
        Log("*** DOUBLE TAP ***")
    End If
    If adxl.triggered(interrputs, adxl.MASK_ADXL345_INACTIVITY) Then
        Log("*** INACTIVITY ***")
    End If
    If adxl.triggered(interrputs, adxl.MASK_ADXL345_ACTIVITY) Then
        Log("*** ACTIVITY ***")
    End If
    If adxl.triggered(interrputs, adxl.MASK_ADXL345_SINGLE_TAP) Then
        Log("*** SINGLE TAP ***")
    End If
    Log("isActivityXEnabled = ", adxl.isActivityXEnabled)
    Log("isActivityYEnabled = ", adxl.isActivityYEnabled)
    Log("isActivityZEnabled = ", adxl.isActivityZEnabled)
    Log("isInactivityXEnabled = ", adxl.isInactivityXEnabled)
    Log("isInactivityYEnabled = ", adxl.isInactivityYEnabled)
    Log("isInactivityZEnabled = ", adxl.isInactivityZEnabled)
    Log("isActivitySourceOnX = ", adxl.isActivitySourceOnX)
    Log("isActivitySourceOnY = ", adxl.isActivitySourceOnY)
    Log("isActivitySourceOnZ = ", adxl.isActivitySourceOnZ)

    Log("isTapSourceOnX = ", adxl.isTapSourceOnX)
    Log("isTapSourceOnY = ", adxl.isTapSourceOnY)
    Log("isTapSourceOnZ = ", adxl.isTapSourceOnZ)
    Log("isAsleep = ", adxl.isAsleep)
    Log("isLowPower = ", adxl.isLowPower)
    Log(" ")
    Log(" ")
End Sub

Extract folder rSparkFun_ADXL345 from attached rSparkFun_ADXL345.zip and copy the folder and its contents to your B4R additional library folder.
The attached rSparkFun_ADXL345.zip also contains rSparkFun_ADXL345.xml - copy it to the root of your B4R additional library folder
B4R sample project attached.



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