Share My Creation AdzDisplay

AdzDisplay is an electronic display/ billboard/ noticeboard/ digital signage system.

It uses an Android device (TV, TV with Android box/ dongle, tablet, phone, projector...) as the display screen. AdzScreen is the display App, written in B4A. There is a PC based management and editing App (AdzEdit) for remote control and to provide content .

AdzEdit Checkmode.JPG

It can display combinations of slideshows, videos, scrolling text, scrolling images, text, date/time, web pages… The Pro version can also show maps with location dependant video, images and sound. Direct input, e.g. from cash registers on the same LAN, is available but requires customization of the API.

Details can be found at

I won’t provide too many details as I’d like to know what problems you encounter but briefly to try it:

  • Download AdzEdit to your PC from and provide the details requested when it first runs
  • Install AdzScreen from Google Play (please let me know if you can’t find it from your device – it sometimes doesn’t get listed, possibly if your device doesn’t have GPS).
  • Tap ‘Options’ on the ribbon at the bottom of the screen and take a look at the demo displays from the menu. Then select “Enable Live Service” and provide the same Email and pass word as entered in AdzEdit above.
  • The display should now be associated with the editor so start up AdzEdit on the PC, select ‘settings’ then ‘manage screens’. Your display should be listed in the left hand column.
  • Type a group name in the top middle box the click the ‘Add’ button below it. Now click the group name in the centre column and then the display name in the left-hand column then the ‘Add ->’ button between the columns. Click ‘Save and Exit’ at the top right, then exit the ‘settings’ screen and you are ‘good to go’!

You can now add items from the bottom line of the menu (in light blue), drag and re-size them and then add media etc. by RIGHT clicking them. When you have finished click ‘Publish Now’ (bright green near the centre of the menu) and it should be uploaded to the server and downloaded to the display.

The version as now installed is the Free version which is limited to one display and also has a ribbon across the lower section of the display. For three months free use of the Pro version PM me. I’ll send you a code. Select ‘Subscription’ (light green top middle of the menu) and enter the code instead of the credit card number and it will give you three months free access to the Pro version which has more features, unlimited displays and no ribbon.

Please try it and PM your comments, suggestions, bugs etc. to me.