Affiliate marketing websites? Anyone has tried that?


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I'm going to release an app soon. As the design is quite neat, I don't want to use ad banners or native ads.
Also, I don't really see how to implement reward ads in my app, since there is not much to be rewarded for :-/

Some of my apps are very targeted, so I was thinking about doing affiliate marketing: i.e. promoting some Amazon products on my app, or marketing other stuff from I see that on ClickBank, they claim some products make something like $40 per sale in commissions. When I compare how many clicks I have to get to make $40, I'm thinking the user experience is greatly improved, and maybe the revenue too.

The way I would implement it is by adding a photo of the product + a button going to that webpage.

Anyone has experience with that? Is it authorized by the Google Play Appstore?