B4J Library QuickTextSelect - Based on Levenshtein Distance



I found the autoCompleteText function from controlsFX library a bit too slow, so I wrote this class. This class can be attached to any control, is very fast, and is based on the Levenshtein Distance algorithm.

You can use the UP/DOWN arrows to select the text, then press ENTER to validate. If the text doesn't exist in the list, it will return the new text.

Comment & critics welcomed!


Edit: Attached the jar & xml compiled library.


  • QuickTextSelect.zip
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  • jQuickTextSelect.zip
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What did I do wrong ?

B4J version: 4.70
Parsing code. Error
Error parsing program.
Error description: Unknown type: reflector
Are you missing a library reference?
Occurred on line: 60 (QuickTextSelect)
Dim Obj As Reflector