after used showtodayscreen how to show again

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  1. blackiice

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    After used showtodayscreen founction , I used NotifyIcon.dll(A good dll)added an icon to the tray , but the questions is how can I show the form again, and form1.refresh doesn't work.

    use msgbox("") can show the form again,but it is not a good idea.
    can somebody help me?

    (form1.text="",so can not be seen in memorymanger)
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  2. Erel

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    Setting form1.Show should show it again.
  3. dzt

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    A bit complex.

    You should use latest version of dzHW.dll (

    1. Add a global variable
    Dim hWnd
    2. Somewhere in your code before hiding the form add
    hWnd = dzhw.GetActiveWindowHandle
    3. Add in your icon click event sub
    dzHw.BringWindowToFrontC(dzHW.GetClassName(hWnd, 100))

    Your form should be visible again
  4. blackiice

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    Setting form1.Show works ok.