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Yes and no. I'm working on an app for android based car computers (or, for that matter, any device that is used in a car), but I have no intention of using Auto.


Well, it's too darn limiting. Audio and messaging and nothing else. Worthless. I want navigation, vehicle info from OBD2, video, dash cam, vehicle tracking, instrumentation, black box, digital travel guide, travel logging, wifi access point, wifi media server, news ticker, clearing of OBD2 error codes, emergency transmitter, separate settings for each user, auto login for users, theft detection and dozens of other cool features. And, what does Google allow? Audio and messaging.

So, screw you Google, I'm making my own app for devices that are not locked down.

Edit: Yeah, I'm bitter. This has to be just about the stupidest thing Google has ever made.
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