Android, Google searches blank..... Sometimes


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Hi guys and girls,

I haven't been around for a while due to personal issues.
This isn't a B4x issue, but I know you lot have brains and this has me flummoxed.

I have a Galaxy S9 phone but I do not know if this is restricted just to this device.

OK, down to business,
When I try to search for things using Google within a web browser, the results list is blank (screenshot attached). And yes, I know the search criteria should yield results. So far I have tried:
* Waiting to see if there was some delay, no traffic, no action,
* Tried on Wifi (3 different locations) and Mobile carrier, no difference,
* Restarting device, no difference,
* Different browser, Chrome and Samsung Internet, both same,
* Clearing App cache and data for browsers, and Google stuff, no different,
* Clearing Cache partition for full device through recovery mode, no difference,
* Resetting the device network settings, no difference,
* Activating and running scan on Lookout, no difference,

Other things to note:
* Sometimes it seems to work ok, but mostly not.
* If it is something I have searched before, successfully, all seems ok,
* Wife has same device, on same network, she has noticed the same thing twice, but that is all. Mine is most of the time.
* If I type in a domain, I can visit that fine.
* Same searches carried out on my pc are always working fine, so google account seems ok.

Anybody got any more ideas / clues. I'm out of ideas and going nuts, I search a lot of things whilst at work and now I cannot so it's making my day very hard.

Screenshot_20190429-180034_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190429-180201_Chrome.jpg


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Reserved to add a list of other things i've tried...