Other Android/iOS NFC reader advice


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Hi all,
I'd like to know about your experiences about NFC readers (and their SDKs).
What I'm looking for is (possibly) a reader that proved quite good when bound either to an Android device (tablet?) or to an iOS one.

The use I'm planning is very basic; just read a simple payload used as an unique ID or even the unique serial number of the NFC tag itself. Non need to write to the tag, at least at this stage.

It should be really dependable. Hundreds of readings per day, one after the other.

Managing software will be based on B4A and B4i for sure, but it's possible that at some time a B4J module should be developed too (not necessarily based on tha same NFC reader model).

Any suggestion is welcomed (even ones advicing three diffent models for the three platforms..).



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It's an option, but at this stage I don't know what device an operator may have and there's the dependability aspect that is very important.
I found tablets sporting NFC (even with the reader on the front). This could be a solution but they ask a minimum order of 50pcs and there's no verified feedback about the ovearll quality.


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ah, Tablet with NFC are expensive!! I looked that years ago.
then I bought the reader NFC ACR122U

I have here with me a NFC ACR122U (tested but never used, as later I used my Smartphone only)
you can connect the reader via USB using OTG cable.

Notes just in case:
1) The tablet can not power and do data communication at the same time.
2) The reader needed is not too fast? (doing the comparative with my readers RFID)

If you like I can do a couple test for you..


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Thank you for your interest and eventual willingness for a test.
At this stage we are still discussing with the prospect customer about the framework agreement, so the NFC aspect will be eventually considered later on. What I know for sure is that they actually use NFCs as an ID medium for their employees and from that I infer it will be something central to the way we sould design our project. But they could even choose to go the QRCode way or any other mean of personal identification.

As for tablets, I found a few in the range $250-$350 but they have the shortcomings you mentioned.

Thanks again