Android Question android.system.ErrnoException: connect failed: ENETUNREACH (Network is unreachable)

Zeev Goldstein

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i'm trying to send email from my app using gmail
on one phone it works
on the other one i get this error

both are android 9.1

this email account is set for low security so i can use it without 2 factors or gmail auth api

as said - one phone works perfectly on other i get this error

BTW - i get all permissions etc...

anyone can open my eyes ?


Zeev Goldstein

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Are you sure that the problematic device is connected to the internet?

Try to add this to the manifest editor:
CreateResourceFromFile(Macro, Core.NetworkClearText)
thanks for your reply
yes - device is connected to the internet ans has full signal

the line you suggested made no change and i keep getting the same error

Zeev Goldstein

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i did try browsing to a few urls - all worked
there is no other error - the error i get is the one in the post title

i just try to send a simple email through gmail smtp - as said on one device works like charm on another one not and i get this error

Zeev Goldstein

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and this is the code i use

Sub SendEmail()
    Dim mail As SMTP
    Dim SMTP_SSL_Port As Int = 465    'for SSL
    Dim SMTP_TLS_Port As Int = 587    'for TLS

        mail.Initialize("", 465, "", "MyPassword", "SMTP")
        Dim M As Map
        M.Put("From","MySelf <>")
        mail.AdditionalHeaders = M

        mail.Subject = "SMTP_Subject"
        mail.Body = "SMTP_Body"
        mail.AddAttachment(fPath, fName)
        Wait For smtp_MessageSent(Success As Boolean)
        If Success = True Then
            ToastMessageShow("Message sent successfully", True)
            ToastMessageShow("Error sending message", True)
        End If

    End Try
End Sub

Zeev Goldstein

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That's odd
Both phones are side by side
Both have full internet access
One works one doesn't
I've checked on wifi and on cellular
What else can i check or do?

Zeev Goldstein

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Found the problem & easily resolved.
There was nothing wrong in the app or phone or network.
I have adguard and it was blocking network access.
Marked the app as safe and voila it works like charm.
Silly me..
Thank you all who tried to help