B4A Library AndroidNetUri2 (Uri wrapper)

This is a new and complete wrapper of the android.net.Uri class and the android.net.Uri.Builder subclass, as well as the android.content.ContentUris class that contains static methods.

This library will be used in the development of all my future libraries if they require "Uri".

All static methods are placed in modules for easy access. The modules contained in this library are AndroidNetUri and ContentUris.

The library also contains AndroidNetUri and AndroidNetUriBuilder classes.

To create a new AndroidNetUri instance, you can use AndroidNetUriBuilder or one of the methods from the AndroidNetUri module.
AndroidNetUri.FromFile([Some dir], [Some file])


AndroidNetUri.Parse([Some uri string])

This library is the successor of the AndroidNetUri library from this forum. The old version was done as B4X class, while this new version is wrapped through "Eclipse". There are differences between the new and the old library.

If this libraries makes your work easier and saves time in creating your application, please make a donation.


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