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Hi Guys,


I'm using "AnimationPlus" library that is also a wrapper for "Animation" library
and I wish continue to use them.
I need to rotate some panel view.
But neither in the center nor in the left top corner.
Instead I need to rotate the view in a certain point.
As I can see in the android reference there is the third constructor of android RotateAnimation class that is just what I need, because it use two more arguments as pivot coordinates.

Please, can you expose the above constructor ? Thank you

Best Regards and Happy New Year to all


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Moved to the questions forum. Note that the Animation library includes two "rotate" methods:

InitializeRotate - the pivot is set to the top left corner.
InitializeRotateCenter - the pivot is set to the center.
I know. It's clearly explained in the libraries documentation.
I'm asking, whether possible, to update the animation library by
adding the possibility to use the pivot.
I'm referring to the third constructor of the RotateAnimation class:
RotateAnimation(float fromDegrees, float toDegrees, float pivotX, float pivotY).
By using this constructor instead of RotateAnimation(float fromDegrees, float toDegrees),
if needed to point to the left top corner, one can set PivotX and PivotY to zero.
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