Any thoughts on laptop brands?


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HEh HEH HEH - I found this popped up in a search :

Mmmmm they left out 'Don't use it - '
I have NEVER had problems with SSDs
BTW not that its relevant : but does Dell still have that thing where if a part needs to be replaced, or, you want to add a board or whatever, it has to be a Dell bit (ie no third party options)
This is not my experience - have on several occasions added stock standard RAM, hard drives etc from 3rd parties to Dell systems.
Also I have heard that Dell "tweaks" the OS around its proprietary hardware (well maybe they all do). But I recall hearing that Dell is particularly special on this. It seemed that like Windows 10 - you're not quite the administrator you think you are.
Old wives tale - I have never witnessed this - and I think I am extremely Windows literate (as far back as Windows 3.1 and down to writing stuff with Windows APIs)
BTW I have broken the ice with SSDs despite the MTBF on solid state allegedly having a finite number of read / write cycles. Its just SOOOO much stuff to loose with a REALLY expensive send-away recovery plan. Had to do that with a colleague's HDD a few years ago - Ping and OUCH in the wallet for her.........
You should always assume everything is going to fail - I have a rigorous backup system in place for all important stuff - to NAS, thumbdrive and private AWS cloud - but never had to use it because of SSD failure.
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I'll end up with a Microsoft Surface Laptop 3
I had in mind to seriously look at Surface for my next laptop - and did so when the time came - but Dell was offering ridiculous discounts on pretty much what I wanted spec wise.


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Just an aside suggestion...

When I bought my last desktop I splurged and bought a Dell U2917W monitor.

It was a extravagance (or so I thought) but the number of times I have used it (eg comparing B4A and B4i code) are endless - once you have it you use it, with a consequent increase in productivity and reduction in frustration.


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once you have it you use it, with a consequent increase in productivity and reduction in frustration.
Agreed there is NOTHING like multiple monitors and their expanded real estate. While working I had three, And, that thing in #8 looks really useful : except for a totally unuseful price . . . . .Well worth the extra money to get at least an extra one.


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According to my user experience Asus is much better than others. Besides, the price is not so high as well.