Anyone can help me design one simple Android Apps with Basic4android

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  1. LouieChan

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    Can I pay anyone to help me design one simple Android Apps with Basic4android ?

    Dear friends,

    I have just bought Basic4android Enterprise.
    Because I am new to use Basic4android, I hope that someone can help me design one simple Android Apps with Basic4android according to the following flow in order to speed up my project. Then, I can study your codes for learning. Thanks !

    I can pay you for making this Apps.
    Please tell me what is the price you want to charge me.
    Thanks !

    The flow of i-Fax Android Apps is listed below:
    1) User clicks Apps icon "i-Fax".
    2) One Dialog Box will pop up to ask user to choose "Take photo" or "Get image file from device" for sending fax or email.
    3) If user choose "Take Photo", allow user to take photo and then save the image file to one temporary folder with any filename. The filename is better always different such adding Date+Time with random codes ...etc in order to prevent to have same filename conflict with other users who upload file to the same FTP server !!
    4) After taking photo or choosing one image file from device, 2nd Dialog Box will pop up to ask user to enter one Fax Number or more Fax Numbers. It can also allow user to choose Fax Numbers or Email Addresses from the Contacts (Address Book) of the Android device.
    5) After choosing all Fax Numbers or/and Emails, save the Fax Number & Email list by one by one to one file with the SAME filename like the Image File. But the
    filename extension must be .csv. For example: The Fax/Email List filename must be "test.csv" if the Image Filename is "test.tif" as example. All filename extensions like XXXX.csv must use lower letters. The Apps can allow user to choose either Fax Numbers or Email Addresses. Every line in the .csv file can have one Fax Number or one Email Address ended by Line Feed character "0A" per line.
    6) Create 3rd file with the SAME filename like the Image File. But the
    filename extension must be .pwd. The 3rd filename will be "test.pwd" if the Image Filename is "test.tif" as example. Write Fax User Name (Fax Login ID like "fax_user" to 1st line and end with "0A". And then write Fax Password like "my_fax_password" to 2nd line ended with "0A" in this file (3rd file).
    7) When user clicks "Send" button, the Apps will login one FTP
    server and then upload all 3 files to this folder "/home/ifax/fax/outbox/". The Apps must upload the image file to FTP server firstly with Binary Mode. Then, upload xxxx.pwd file (3rd file created above) with ASCII mode. At last, the Apps will upload the .csv file (2nd file created above) with ASCII mode of FTP protocol.
    8) Scan this file "Image_File_Name.end" from this folder "/home/ifax/fax/outbox/" on FTP server. This filename will be "test.end" if the image filename is "test.tif". When the file is existing on FTP server, wait 2-3 seconds and then download it. Then, check content of this file. If this file does NOT contain content "OK\n" such as Error Message "Password mistake\n" ...etc, shows this content (Error Message) to user. If it contains "OK\n", tell user that "Send OK".
    9) Delete XXXX.end such as deleting "test.end" as example.
    10) Logout
    11) Default FTP Login ID is "ifax" and password is "ifaxifax#".
    So you need to make this Apps to allow user to enter "FTP Server IP Address", "FTP Login ID", "FTP Password", "Fax User Login ID" and "Fax Password" and then save them in Profile !
    (Remark: Better change all "FTP" words to "System". For example: System Login ID, System Password ...etc)
    12) You need to allow user to enter more than one IP address for FTP server. Then, the Apps must be able to call 2nd IP or 3rd IP ...etc if the previous IP address(es) cannot get connection.
    13) If user opens any image editor, user can click option to get one button "i-Fax Send" under any of these image editors in order to send current image to the i-Fax FTP server.
    14) Both Apps Binary and Source Codes with related Libraries & Header Files are needed. I also need one detailed document telling me how to set up envirnoment with your source codes & related libraries and then tell me how to compile this Apps by myself successfully.

    Best Regards. Louie
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  2. klaus

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    I just remember a post from another user a few days ago:
    ....."Give a man a fish and you feed him once...Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life"
    I am not shure that you are at the right forum, this is a forum for fishermen and not a forum for 'businessmen' who want to 'buy' the whole fishing ship.

    To expect help from users you must begin the project on your own.
    And when you have difficulties you ask and will get help.
    That's just my opinion :).

    Best regards.
  3. LouieChan

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    I hope that some experts can quote me reasonable price for making sample codes

    Dear Klaus,

    Thanks for your quick reply & good example with deep meaning !
    I understand your idea.

    But I still hope that some experts can help me to make sample codes of my mentioned project because I am really one Business Programmer. I hope that this expert can quote me reasonable price for making these completed sample codes.

    Thanks !

    Best Regards. Louie
  4. Euclides

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    Hello Louie.
    Make no mistake about the cost of what you are proposing.
    Although the cost of Basic4Android value is low, to develop an application with the features you want, cost is extremely high and will take time.
    If you are really interested and would you consider paying per hour for someone who does so?
    Thank you.
    Euclides - Brazil
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    Would it be a good idea to create a special thread for this?

    It is my opinion that what Louie asks is not such a strange question on this forum as creating an app can be pretty difficult/complicated.

    I am also going through the learning curve in order to become a "fisherman"...
    But it's a lotttttt of reading and you need to have the time to do this...

    To the moderators of this forum:
    Maybe it would be a good idea to open a special thread on this forum where fishermen can meet businessmen so to speak? So that people who are not yet on the level of creating an app of their own can ask for the help (paid help) of others who have the skills to create certain apps or parts of the needed apps.

    I think it would be a great idea...:sign0060: What do you think?

    To Louie:
    There are also other websites where you can offer a project like yours and where payment is done via Escrow Payment, so that both the app-creator (in this case) and the "businessman" (you in this case) can know that they get what they want. If you want to know more about these websites, just pm me or email me at jjkorthout [at]
  6. NJDude

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    Such thread already exists HERE