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Hi guys,

I finally be ready to upload my B4A application and had a look fo find how.
I am going to distribute through GooglePlay but from a webserver
I did to assign an icon to it. I created a private key as I read that this must
be done in order the app to be able to be installed.
However when try to compile it as a Release (obfuscated) I get the error

Installing file to device. Error
pkg: /data/local/tmp/PALP_KITKAT.apk

Never mind, found to exit and run again B4A.
But is there any other particular actions should I do for preparing my apk for distribution ?

best regards
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Valeriy Lakhtin

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Hi frends! Earlier I never made distributions for Android and work in Java. So where I can read the step by step instructions how to prepare the distribution APK file for install the application from PC USB on Androyd? If I'm in my application using images and XML file in the folder "Files", they also get inside the APK file? When I creating the application I used additional libraries, they too will fall automatically into the APK file? I got a little APK file 3Kb it bothers me.
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