Android Example App to sync photos using FileObserver library

I will thanks to warwound for FileObserver Library.
Also Thanks to all who share knowledge.

This App receive event when a new file (photo) is created al DCIM folder.
Also You can take photos every x secons , save and upload to a FTP when connection avaible.

Folder Lib_Dependencies contains libraries.
Copy to b4a lib folder if needed.

Assign correct values to config variables.
FTP Server....
Path where camera save photo...

Open App
Press start upload auto
Exit from app
Notice notify icon is shown at the top

Now open camera and take a photo
A request to send photo is saved at app internal database.
Every x seconds, app will try to send pending photos to FTP.
If success...then mark request as done.
If fail it will try later.

App work ok (sometimes require stop and start to reconnect to FTP).
You can do some improvements to make it better. ;)

Best regards,


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