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I have implemented AppTrackingTransparency in the App like this:

And when uploading it to the AppStore it rejects it by not avoiding tracking
Guideline 5.1.2 - Legal - Privacy - Data Use and Sharing

We noticed you collect data to track after the user selects "Ask App Not to Track" on the App Tracking Transparency permission request.

Specifically, we noticed your app accesses web content you own and collects cookies for tracking after the user asked you not to track them.

Next Steps

To resolve this issue, please revise your app so that you do not collect data for tracking purposes if the user does not give permission for tracking.


- Tracking is linking data collected from your app with third-party data for advertising purposes, or sharing the collected data with a data broker. Learn more about tracking.
- See Frequently Asked Questions about then new requirements for apps that track users.

I use:
- iFirebaseAnalytics
- iAdMob


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I'm not 100% sure that it is related to ads. Are you asking the user for any personal information such as email?


I use consent like this:
If rbtPERSONALIZED.Checked Then
        consent.ConsentState = consent.STATE_PERSONALIZED   
    Else If rbtNON_PERSONALIZED.Checked Then
        consent.ConsentState = consent.STATE_NON_PERSONALIZED
    Else If rbtUNKNOWN.Checked Then
        consent.ConsentState = consent.STATE_UNKNOWN
    End If
End If
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I think the problem is FirebaseAnalytics, Is the use of FirebaseAnalytics compatible with AppTrackingTransparency?
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