Arduino Mega ADK


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Happy Fourth, everyone!
I am new to Android and new to B4A as well.
I am trying to connect the Arduino Mega ADK board to an inexpensive tablet (Craig cmp741d, running Android 4.03 USB, wifi, no BT) The Arduino would do the heavy lifting: taking measurements, turning on relays and keeping time.
The Android would be a fancy keyboard and real time plotting device.
My questions are:
1. Did anybody do something like this before using B4A?
2. Should I use the USB library to communicate with the microcontroller board?
(it uses the MAX3421E to work as a host)
3. If so, is there a good example program or two out there? Like: how you start up, how you set up communications, etc...

What should I be aware, considering my inexperience, when it comes to Arduino?