Android Question Array vs List which is faster

Robert Valentino

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I am trying to understand which is quicker.

When I use an array or types I can index directly into the array and change a field on a type
Array(x).TypeName = xxx

In a List I have to Get the type into a Type variable, change the value and then Set the Type back into the List.

When expanding a Array I have to make a new array on size bigger and copy over the whole array
When expanding a List I can just Add an entry

Do these trade offs mean anything?

Is there ANY savings using one over the other? If so when?




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As far as speed goes, I don't think you will notice a difference if you use one or the other.

An ArrayList is a list that is backed by an array, so even though it is easier to add an entry, it is still creating a new array each time. At least, that is the way I understand it to work.