ArraysEx and ArraysListEx library


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Both ordinary arrays and the more specialised ArrayList are capable of some functions that are not exposed in B4ppc. This library, ArraysEx, provides access to additional functionality for both.

The ArraysEx object in the library allows you, along with some other things, to sort, search and copy normal arrays.

The ArrayListsEx object in the libray, along with some other things, lets you more easily transfer data between arrays and ArrayLists.

This library should work on desktop and device, under .NET 1.0/1.1 and 2.0, optimised compiled,IDE and legacy compiled and on B4ppc versions pre and post 6.42(beta). This last is important as it twiddles around inside B4ppc to get at the ArrayLists and has to compensate for name format differences.

Library, help, demo and source for merging enclosed.

Apologies (again!) to Erel for "borrowing" his compare routines. I did so to ensure the same sort results as within B4ppc.

EDIT:- At Erels (so obvious that I missed it!) suggestion I am merging this with my Collections library. You should only use this library if you are running under .NET 1.0/1.1 as the Collections library needs .NET 2.0.


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