Android Question Asynchstreams TX blocking? Just so I am clear..


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I need to understand a bit more about when AStream.Write() will shift data out over bluetooth, and when not. I guess it may also be blocked during modal box presentation, that's not too much of an issue for me now. Some questions I am wondering about:

1: If I write data, and then wait in a loop (WITH NO DoEvents in it) for say 500ms before exiting the Sub, will data be asynchronously sent or will it only be sent when I exit the Sub?

1: If I write data, and then wait in a loop WITH DoEvents until my remote unit has responded, is there also a possiblity of jumbled packet order going to my unit?

2: if I write data from within an Activity_Pause routine, does this have any impact on when the data is sent?

Thanks. I'm almost done now, so my barrage of questions should hopefully start thinning out soon :)